Providing service to our customers who need immediate or scheduled work done.

Installation or Repair of light fixtures.

Breaker Panel replacement due to failure or breaker replacement due to failed breaker.

Power / Conduit runs that have been damaged and need repaired.

Outlet, Switch, Lighting Contactor repair and replacement.

Lighting Photoeye or Timeclock problems to solve issue of lights not coming on or lights staying on.

Disconnect or Breaker does not make a good connection or having trouble of getting it to stay on, maybe it takes a few times of cycling breaker for it to stay closed.

Transformer replacement due to failed transformer.

Motor Failure, swapping out your motor with a new one or repaired one. We can provide a new one or get yours repaired.

Do you need help going through your building or plant to make sure there are no issues that would cause a safety hazard that need repaired or maybe getting some things up to code. We will make a list of things we see and give you a report of our findings. We can then work with you to prioritize the findings and what can be done. Maybe OSHA or someone has come through and given you a list of things that need repaired or replaced, give us a call.

We are available for service calls small or large.