Oxygen, Toxic & Combustible Gas Controller

The 301C Controller continuously monitors and controls toxic gases, combustible gases, and oxygen hazards. Designed for installation and operational simplicity, the 301C reduces the cost of installation and ownership.

Using an addressable RS-485 Modbus communication protocol, the 301C uses daisy chain wiring requiring only 2 pairs of wires to connect up to 96 transmitters on the 3 input channels. This simplifies installation, in turn lowering costs. The 301C’s zoning and averaging abilities significantly reduce operational and maintenance costs.

User Friendly

• Zero maintenance

• Automatic quick self-test and warm-up

• Continuous alphanumeric display Inexpensive and Reliable

• Low installation costs

• Allows for up to 126 zoning groups which can save energy and extend fan and relay life

• Manages up to 180 events with programmable latching alarms

Flexible Operation

• Modbus compatible; with BACnet/IP available

• Interchangeable transmitters able to detect different gases

• Expands to handle up to 96 transmitters or relay modules

• Programmable time delays

• Integrated time clock enables scheduling of system operations

Safety Measures

• Full array of visual indicators and integrated 65dBA alarm levels

• Fully programmable relays (can be set as fail-safe or not)

Beneficial Options

• Available in a heavy duty industrial housing [AA96D]

• Datalogging option


All commercial building areas requiring multi-point gas monitoring


• Intertek Listed to: UL 61010-1; and CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1-04

• BTL listed as a smart sensor

• California Title 24 part 6 compliant